Foundations of Stocks & Options Level 2

Teacher: Jeremy Whaley   Duration: 13h 35m   Level: Intermediate

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Title Attended Duration
Class 1
Part 1: The Technical Trader 0h 15m
Part 2: Charles Dow 0h 3m
Part 3: Dow Theory Principles 0h 15m
Part 4: The Three Phases of a Trend 0h 11m
Part 5: Steps To Confirmation 0h 5m
Part 6: Action Steps 0h 2m
Class 2: The Trend
Part 1: Psychology Of The Trend 0h 18m
Part 2: Support & Resistance Zone 0h 3m
Part 3: Types of Trends 0h 4m
Part 4: Trend Reversals 0h 11m
Part 5: Action Steps 0h 2m
Class 3: Chart Patterns 1
Part 1: Psychology of Chart Patterns 0h 11m
Part 2: Reversal Patterns 0h 6m
Part 3: Double Tops & Bottoms 0h 9m
Part 4: Triple Tops & Bottoms 0h 5m
Part 5: Multi Tops & Bottoms 0h 3m
Part 6: Head & Shoulders 0h 10m
Part 7: Line Pattern 0h 4m
Part 8: Consolidation Patterns 0h 4m
Part 9: Channels 0h 6m
Part 10: Triangles 0h 5m
Part 11: Ascending Triangle 0h 3m
Part 12: Inverted Triangle 0h 2m
Part 13: Action Steps 0h 1m
Class 4: Chart Patterns 2
Part 1: Continuation Patterns 0h 3m
Part 2: Flag Pattern 0h 5m
Part 3: Stair Step Pattern 0h 3m
Part 4: Pennant Pattern 0h 4m
Part 5: Wedge Pattern 0h 9m
Part 6: Introduction to Gaps 0h 5m
Part 7: Break Away Gaps 0h 9m
Part 8: Runaway Gaps 0h 5m
Part 9: Exhaustion Gaps 0h 4m
Part 10: Island Reversal 0h 4m
Part 11: Action Steps 0h 2m
Class 5: Candlesticks 1
Part 1: Candlestick Introduction 0h 10m
Part 2: Candlestick Basics 0h 7m
Part 3: Spinning Top 0h 4m
Part 4: Spinning Tops & High Waves 0h 5m
Part 5: Hangman 0h 4m
Part 6: Shooting Star 0h 4m
Part 7: Hammer 0h 4m
Part 8: The Doji 0h 4m
Part 9: Long Day Candles 0h 5m
Part 10: Defining a Swing 0h 4m
Part 11: Action Steps 0h 1m
Class 6: Candles Part 2
Part 1: Intro to Multi-candle patterns 0h 6m
Part 2: Dark Cloud Cover 0h 6m
Part 3: Engulfing Patterns 0h 5m
Part 4: Counter Attack Patterns 0h 3m
Part 5: Harami Patterns 0h 5m
Part 6: Tweezers 0h 4m
Part 7: One White Soldier 0h 4m
Part 8: Morning Star Pattern 0h 3m
Part 9: Rest After Battle 0h 6m
Part 10: Live Analysis of Candlesticks 0h 21m
Part 11: Action Steps 0h 2m
Class 7: Indicators Part 1
Part 1: Intro to Indicators 0h 9m
Part 2: Oscillators Basics 0h 6m
Part 3: Overbought/Oversold 0h 7m
Part 4: Divergence 0h 10m
Part 5: Trend Analysis 0h 6m
Part 6: RSI 0h 13m
Part 7: RSI Examples 0h 5m
Part 8: Stochastics 0h 5m
Part 9: Stochastics Examples 0h 9m
Part 10: MACD 0h 7m
Part 11: MACD Examples 0h 4m
Part 12: Action Steps 0h 2m
Class 8: Indicators Part 2
Part 1: Moving Averages 0h 5m
Part 2: Bollinger Bands 0h 4m
Part 3: Bollinger Bands - Trading The Squeeze 0h 6m
Part 4: Bollinger Bands - Trading The Trend 0h 5m
Part 5: Bollinger Bands - The Reversal 0h 6m
Part 6: ADX 0h 10m
Part 7: Action Steps 0h 4m
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