Fibs in 4

Teacher: Josh Hesse   Duration: 12h 6m   Level: Beginner

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Title Attended Duration
Class 1
Part 1: Introduction - Why do fibs work? 0h 15m
Part 2: Fibonacci Analysis Myths 0h 5m
Part 3: Fibs in the Financial Markets 0h 11m
Part 4: Measuring Fibonacci Retracements 0h 17m
Part 5: Practicing Drawing Retracements 0h 11m
Part 6: Fibonacci Target Zones 0h 9m
Part 7: Homework 0h 2m
Part 8: Homework Review 0h 13m
Class 2
Part 1: Common Retracement Mistakes 0h 5m
Part 2: Narrowing Our Focus With Confluence 0h 11m
Part 3: Two Uses For Confluence 0h 6m
Part 4: Example of Conflluence 0h 7m
Part 5: The "ABC" Tool 0h 8m
Part 6: SBUX Example 0h 5m
Part 7: Homework 0h 2m
Part 8: Homework Review 0h 12m
Class 3
Part 1: Three Key Prices (Trade Matrix) 0h 6m
Part 2: Trade Matrix Example 0h 10m
Part 3: Stops 0h 6m
Part 4: Targeting with "ABC" Tool 0h 5m
Part 5: Targeting With Confluence Projections 0h 5m
Part 6: Confluence Example 0h 6m
Part 7: Fibonacci Angles 0h 8m
Part 8: Fibonacci Angles Example 0h 5m
Part 9: Homework 0h 2m
Part 10: Homework SBUX Review 0h 9m
Part 11: Homework: AMZN Review 0h 6m
Class 4
Part 1: The X-Axis (Time Forecasting) 0h 13m
Part 2: Price and Time Targets on TGT 0h 5m
Part 3: Integration With Your Trading Plan 0h 7m
Webinar Recordings
Class 1 2h 9m
Class 2 1h 30m
Class 3 1h 50m
Class 4 2h 45m