Advanced Trading Strategies: Credit Spreads

Teacher: Jeremy Whaley   Duration: 11h 57m   Level: Intermediate

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Title Attended Duration
Class 1: Intro To Selling Options
Part 1: Program Overview 0h 3m
Part 2: Basic Options Review 0h 7m
Part 3: Selling Options 0h 6m
Part 4: Option Pricing 0h 12m
Part 5: Naked vs. Covered 0h 4m
Part 6: How Can We Cover Our Risk 0h 6m
Part 7: Selecting The Options 0h 7m
Part 8: "Unselling" an Option 0h 2m
Class 2: The Credit Spread
Part 1: Introduction to Option Spreads 0h 6m
Part 2: What Are Spreads 0h 13m
Part 3: The Bear Put Spread 0h 9m
Part 4: The Credit Spread 0h 9m
Part 5: The Bull Put Spread 0h 4m
Part 6: The Bear Call Spread 0h 4m
Part 7: Credit Spread Margin 0h 4m
Part 8: Implied Volatility 0h 10m
Part 9: Spread Setups 0h 3m
Class 3: Trading Credit Spreads
Part 1: Introduction to Trading Credit Spreads 0h 8m
Part 2: Analyzing The Trade 0h 15m
Part 3: Bollinger Secrets 0h 6m
Part 4: Placing The Trade 0h 5m
Part 5: Calculations 0h 6m
Part 6: Closing The Trade 0h 8m
Part 7: Practice Tips 0h 2m
Class 4: Supercharging The Spread
Part 1: Introduction To Supercharing The Spread 0h 13m
Part 2: Weekly Spreads 0h 6m
Part 3: Double Dipping 0h 9m
Part 4: Good, Bad, & Ugly 0h 5m
Part 5: Final Thoughts 0h 3m
Live Webinar Recordings
Class 1: Intro to selling Options - March 2017 1h 30m
Class 2: The Credit Spread - March 2017 1h 45m
Class 3: Trading Credit Spreads - March 2017 1h 50m
Class 4: Supercharging The Spread - March 2017 2h 0m
Live Recordings 2018
Credit Spreads Class 1 1h 37m