Advanced Trading Strategies: Risky Business

Teacher: Alphonso Esposito   Duration: 10h 59m   Level: Intermediate

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Title Attended Duration
Class 1 - Managing Risk
Part 1: Introduction to Risk Managment 0h 11m
Part 2: Mastering Risk 0h 9m
Part 3: Introduction to Risk Units 0h 19m
Part 4: ROI vs. R 0h 13m
Part 5: Rules for Trading R's 0h 10m
Part 6: The Compounding R System 0h 5m
Part 7: Homework 0h 3m
Class 2 - Using R with Options and Risk Practicum
Part 1: R Trading with Options #1 0h 6m
Part 2: R Trading with Options #2 0h 8m
Part 3: How to Calculate R for Options 0h 6m
Part 4: Trader Progression & Compounding R 0h 15m
Part 5: Homework 0h 6m
Class 3 - Mastering Trade Management
Part 1: The Pyschology of Trade Management 0h 6m
Part 2: All or Nothing Plan (AON) 0h 15m
Part 3: Twice the Stop & 1/2 the Shares Plan 0h 7m
Part 4: Candle by Candle Management 0h 6m
Part 5: The Time Stop Plan 0h 5m
Part 6: Alphonso's Personal Trade Management Plan 0h 14m
Part 7: Setting Targets 0h 15m
Class 4 - Practicum
Part 4: Parting Notes 0h 2m
Part 1: Introduction to Practicum Sessions 0h 2m
Part 2: Practicum with Dustin H. 0h 6m
Part 3: Practicum with Jon H. 0h 7m
Live Teaching: 2014
Class 1 - Managing Risk 1h 55m
Class 2 - Using R with Options and Risk Practicum 2h 0m
Class 3 - Mastering Trade Management 1h 50m
Class 4 - Practicum 1h 58m